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Abbie, Beaux, and Brooks!


I actually took some good photos! this is how brooks holds tennis balls. release intense abby is intense mother and son beaux! abbie is the easiest dog to take pictures of EVER. just hold the ball where you want her to look, she'll stay there all day i know it's a lot of pictures, but i had like 60 to choose from, so consider yourself lucky ^_^

Krickette Tue, 03/24/2009 - 10:52

lol! thanks!
and yess.....border collies = love!
in the 17 that have been at my house though, there haven't been any blue eyes, which is sad. We had one tricolor (i wanted to keep him so bad!), and that's the extent of it. We were planning on breeding Abbie to a blue eyed red merle (sp?) next, but....brooks got to her and she had to be e-spayed.
it was just a bunch of black and white puppies though....…" onclick=";return false;