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# 3 arrived today :)


This one doesnt belong to me but was she foaled here and she is by Cougar (I own her full sister). She is as tall as her 1 month old 1/2 sister and a nice champagne color, not as dark as her full sister but nice.

Fledgesflight Thu, 04/09/2009 - 07:36

Congrats, What a pretty filly- will be interesting if she turns Grey- Progression photos will be awesome.

champagneqh Fri, 04/10/2009 - 22:04

Congratulations !

Now that is my ultimate - grey champers are the dogs ***** !

See pictures -…" onclick=";return false;…" onclick=";return false;

The glossy shine on them is awesome - I love my greys. ;)

I want an amber gray like the beautiful Chaser (Peponita Paco Lass;-) I guess i will have to book HoJo to a homozygous black who is also homozygous gray some day;-) My husband on the other hand wants a normal gray Peruvian Paso gelding;-)

accphotography Fri, 04/10/2009 - 23:13

Not many *known* homozygous grays out there, and of those I haven't found one who is EE yet. Except PREs. If you go with a Spanish you can get it. :lol: Here's what I did find:

A cute Holsteiner that is Ee:…" onclick=";return false;

Really nice Oldenburg that is Ee:…" onclick=";return false;

This guy *could* be GG and they would probably be willing to test:" onclick=";return false;

This guy is for sure GG, but I believe is Ee (hard to tell):…" onclick=";return false;

That's all I know of offhand.