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What colour is this kitty?

This is a neighbors kitten out of your regular marmalade and white mother and daddy unknown (well there are a lot of potentials)

This kitten looked snow white at birth but as she has gotten older she is more of a smokey colour or a very light mushroom colour.

There is no "red" hue off the coat and she has white on the 4 paws - the front are tipped and higher on the back legs.

These pics are not the best but I will try to get better ones that show off the coat a little better. Her back end is darker then her front end.

Daylene Alford Sun, 09/04/2011 - 13:20

Hmm that is interesting. What color are the eyes? Given the mom is a marmalade then the kitten will have at least one copy of O. If it is possible that the sire is also marmalade then the kitten could be a OO dd which would make it cream.

But you says it doesn't have any red in the coat?

This kitten is a dilute torti. If your kitten was OO dd then she should be similar in coloration to the cream parts on the kitten below.

Forgot to add that the below kitten was also born very light in color and darkened as she got older. In fact she is named "snowflake" because she was so light.