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The Kittens Are Older...5 females

The group that had the three orange girls.

I got pictures of 4 of the 5 today...will try to go out and get one of the 5th here in a bit...the ones I got of her did not turn out. Just linking them from my deviantArt acct.


Funky Tortie?…

longhaired creme?……

Darkest Orange/white……

Daylene Alford Tue, 11/15/2011 - 07:06

Sorry I didn't respond to this sooner, my husbands grandfather passed away and while I've been trying to keep up with the horse forum I didn't check this one.

If you part the hair on the funky torti are the hairs lighter at the bottom? I still think she carries silver.

Your photos are lovely!

TheRedHayflinger Wed, 11/16/2011 - 10:00

sorry to hear that :( some spots where I part the hair, it's other spots, it's not. And I was parting hair on the dark and on the orange. It is almost hit and miss--I tried to stay away from parts of her were she has actual creme colored sections--just orange and the dark tabby. Some parts on the orange it goes all the way down, some parts it fades lighter. Same goes with the darker tabby portions. I tried to snap some pics on my phone, I'll see if any turned out. If I can get someone to hold her for me in the next few days, I'll have them part her hair and take pics with my better camera. She's a wiggly little lovebug.

The longhaired also has some neat banding down near her skin on her creamy orange long hair...darker bands of orange. But it's only a band or two, way down there. If I can catch the normal tortie, I'll check her out too. She and the solid orange are the most skittish of them all.

I just find it neat how different each of the orange ones are. Dark, medium and light..LOL The dark one seriously reminds me of my boyfriends cat in color. If he hadn't taken Soap over to his place several months before these kittens were born, I would swear he was the Maybe one of his brothers I had is. I thought a coyote got them (there were three orange males), but then we did see that one solid orange tabby around here...maybe they just split earlier in life.

I do still have my black silver tom. If you need any pics of him for the album, I've got some and can always get more. I've got some good ones of him as a kitten. The majority of the feral cat population in the village are silver like him. If they weren't so skittish, I'd walk around town and get pics!

And thanks for the compliment on the pics...still learning how to use this camera, but it's coming along! :)

TheRedHayflinger Wed, 11/16/2011 - 11:04

here is what I was able to get with my iPhone. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nicer day and I SHOULD have someone here to hold her for me

a section on her back

right behind her ear, mostly dark hair there

another spot on her back, mixture of mostly orange and some dark hair

a bit blurry due to her moving, but lower left corner in the pic...that is about an inch away from the spot I took a pic of right above this pic.

the long haired kitten...her head is much darker than her body. hair is shorter there, so maybe just the tabby showing through more giving it that illusion?

and you can kind of see the slight banding here. And how dirty she is...LOL. She needs to be an indoor cat! I think my cousin and his wife are going to take her though

Daylene Alford Wed, 11/16/2011 - 16:09

Going from the photos it looks like the lighter coloration is at the tips of the hair instead of the base? If the lighter coloration is at the tips instead of the base then it's not silver but something else. I'll do some research on it and see what I can find.

I would love to add some pictures of your silver boy to the photo gallery.

Dogrose Tue, 01/31/2012 - 13:41

In reply to by Daylene Alford

The second tortie is a tabby tortie (black based tabby + red), also known as torbie, no silver. The longhaired might be red silver tabby but the lightness might just be because of the longer coat. The two short haired red and white- the one with the most white is classic tabby based so will look darker than the other which is mackerel based.