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What color are palomino borns?

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What color are palomino borns?

A week or two ago one of the mini mares had a stillborn foal :( and I had a question about its color. Don't have a picture, but it was a darkish, soft tan color, almost a little pinkish like a champagne. The owners said it was a palomino, which it probably was, but I'd like to know your thoughts. The mare is a light palomino, the stud was a black mini.


My question is basically this: Can palomino foals be medium darkish? Or are they born lighter like most foals are?

Daylene Alford
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Palomino  foals can range

Palomino  foals can range from a light peach with pink skin that darkens within a few days or weeks to almost indistinguishable from chestnut.  

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A lot of minis are actually

A lot of minis are actually dunalino so are very pale.....


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We have had palis born from

We have had palis born from very light cream so light ppl thought creamello even though it was not possible to one very yellow to our last one that looked like a red dun without the dun factor very peachy colored she is a yearling now and quite dark and chocolaty palomino. I have also heard of foals being born looking nothing but sorrel still they shed out later and are actually paly.