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Is this a Tovero?

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Is this a Tovero?

Is this horse (a neighbors horse) a splash white/ tobiano tovero? She's got one blue eye and one brown.

Daylene Alford
Last seen: 5 days 22 hours ago
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Tovero simply means Tobiano

Tovero simply means Tobiano and at least one other white pattern.  So, yes, the above horse is most likly "Tovero". Tobiano is indicated by the flank and chest shields.  However, that leaves alot to be desired as far as describing the actual white patterns involved.  The horse is most likely also splashed white and possibly also frame and sabino.  

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^^^ I completely agree. That somes everything up perfectly :)

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Stupid "tovero" thing again!

Stupid "tovero" thing again! Means nothing....(mutters under breathe!!) Only used in America (mumble mumble)

OK, horse looks as if someone painted it in the night! Very nice, very unusual, probably Sabino + Tobiano + Splash. Do not see any LWO as no solid legs, although this can be obscured as you head towards Maximum expression. Love the ears- if both are solid coloured as well as knowing the horse is unlikely to be deaf, it is a Medicine Hat- that should stop the owner calling the flaming horse a tovero as Medicine Hat is MUCH more interesting and does actually mean something.

GOD I am crabby today.....sorry!

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