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Tobiano expression + other patterns

I was looking through my photos for more to flush out the galleries and I started thinking about one of my shetland's markings. He is definitely tobiano with a little sabino, but I noticed that he has much shorter leg white on the back as he does on the front. I thought that tobiano likes more hind leg white. Am I confused or is something else going on with his pattern? Cookie Also what patterns should I list these guys as. I know they all have tobiano, but I am terrible with judging the other patterns: Joe Romeo Bandit Snickerdoodle Shorty Patches Charlie

CMhorses Tue, 02/17/2009 - 17:32

Cookie I think is just tobiano/sabino, remember that minis and (I guess) shetlands have the most unusual characteristics for certain patterns (saw a tobiano that had no leg white at all I believe, or it was very little).

Joe's solid head makes me confused... maby tobi/sabino?

Romeo, possibly an odd tobi or tobi/frame

Bandit I think is tobi/sabino because of the lip spot and the jagged/high white on legs and belly

Snickerdoodle could be just a very odd tobiano, but I suspect possibly frame

Shorty, looks tobi/sabino, espicially if that is roaning around the white on his neck
Patches and charlie look tobi/sabino as well

Danni Sun, 03/01/2009 - 17:21

Cookie looks like a normal tobiano to me! I had a red and white shettie filly born last year that has one leg completely solid. Otherwise she's fairly similar marked to Cookie.