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Normal Leopard colouring?

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Normal Leopard colouring?

I've never owned or had any dealings with leopard horses before and I've got a new boy who is a bit multi-coloured and I'm not sure if it's normal. He's a full body leopard with mainly black spots but he's got brown spots among the black ones on his hindquarters and face and they're big spots too. He also has brown stockings that run up the front of his cannon to a black patch on the front of the knee. Both front legs are like that, one hind leg just appears to be a brown stocking up to the hock. He has a massive white star, strip, snip conj. and a grey face. His neck appears to be a mixture of dark and pink skin while the rest of his body is pink skin. He's been like this from birth. His ears are also brown. His mane and tail are white then the tips are brown, the mane has some stripes of black in it too. His underarms are brown and the end of his flanks.

I don't know if this is normal colouring for leopards? His dam is a Clydie x appy, unsure of what colour but would obviously had to been a leopard. The sire was brown. A sister to my boy came out brown.


managed to add photos of him. Both are the same horse in case some ppl wanted to be quick to comment....

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It's quite common for Appys

It's quite common for Appys to have odd colored spots.  Leopard Complex is known to mess with the base color of a horse.  It even has a name "LP color shift".