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Just tobiano, or something else as well?

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Just tobiano, or something else as well?
The horse in question is my new stallion. I just got him Sunday. I do know he is tobiano (and not homozygous, as his mom is solid). He is a mahogany bay pinto, AMHA registered, about 33" tall. My question is related to two things... he does have a small star (think quarter sized, middle of his forehead, just above his eyes), and a roan spot/patch on one hip. What do you think could be causing the roan spot? I can get more pictures tomorrow. His name is Bells Hollywood Heartbreaker. I tried to make sure all his markings can bee seen in the pictures. There is also a picture of his sire in the album (the sorrel tovero). I didn't have the presence of mind to take pics of his dam when I picked him up. I'm hoping to go back to his breeders, and get pics of her at that time.
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Tobiano causes roan patches

Tobiano causes roan patches pretty commonly.


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Agreed. Looks just tobiano

Agreed. Looks just tobiano to me. ^_^

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Agreed that its probably just

Agreed that its probably just tobiano causing the roaning. He does obviously have at least sabino because of the star, and since hes a mini I most definitely would NOT count out frame.