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help me figure this one out!!!

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help me figure this one out!!!
hi there! my friends and i are arguing over the color of my filly... guesses so far as such: buckskin, smokey buckskin, grulla, smokey grulla, smokey black, bay, chocolate palomino. give me your opinions!!!!! PLEASE!!!! her photos mom is the bay, dad is the palomino dad's sire was born cremello and turned perlino so don't let him being "just a palomino" fool you. in winter, you would swear he's a brown eyed cremello. ;) i can't tell yet if she has leg barring as her "baby coat" is still pretty thick on her legs yet... they are turning black though. in patches! her ears are rimmed with black. her back is much darker than anywhere below that... and she seems to be dappled... Cheers! Ann-Marie
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Buckskin. How does a cremello


How does a cremello turn perlino?

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Looks pretty normal buckskin

Looks pretty normal buckskin to me too

Well at least as far as agouti/cream, without getting caught up in sooty buckskins, smokey browns etc..

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I'll say buckskin as

I'll say buckskin as well.
Also, there's no such thing as "Smokey buckskin"... that would imply a bay with two creams... which is a perlino.
And I too am confused about cremello turning perlino.
Cremello is a red horse with two copies of cream.
Perlino is a bay horse with two copies of cream.
A horse can't magically change genotype.


Daylene Alford
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It's possible the foal was

It's possible the foal was born with a light mane and tail and it darkened a bit as he aged. Thus a "cremello" that turned into a perlino.

I agree with everyone here with the exception I think the foal may be a "brown" base instead of a "bay" base. Either way they would both be considered buckskin.

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Buckskin or brown-based

Buckskin or brown-based buckskin.


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