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dark bay or brown?

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dark bay or brown?

I am embarrassed to post this photo of the mare but she belongs to my sis and its the only one I have right now. She was pregnant and way too fat here.  She is a registered TB, lol.  She is by a chestnut stud out of a very dark brown dam who looked black.  Do you think she is dark bay (may be sooty, has dapples sometimes) or lighter seal brown?  I tried to post photos of a typical bay from sire line and typical seal brown from damline but they didn't post. thanks,  judi







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Due to the flatness of the

Due to the flatness of the color, I'd say sooty bay, so, dark bay. Sooty bay's are classified as browns in some breed organizations, but any bay genetically differs from a brown (A<sup>t</sup>) horse. :)

~ MitashiaR

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