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Appaloosa Color Help

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Appaloosa Color Help

Just got this girl (Lacey) today. We found her through a group who works with kill buyers to find homes for horses before they get sent to slaughter. All I know about her is that she's 1 to 1 1/2 years old and Appaloosa (by color). She's got a lot of color going on! Any guesses as to base color and gene stuff and what exactly you'd call her?

Daylene Alford
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I think her base color is

I think her base color is probably black or perhaps dark brown.  However, Leopard Complex (the main gene of the Appy coloring) is notorious for causing "color shift".  What this means that that horses of one color frequent look like those of another color.  Tested blacks will have bay spots.  Tested bays will look solid black.  If you really want to know her base color I advise you to test.  You would test for Extension and Agouti.  

As far as the LP coloring goes, she will have one copy of LP.  She could be either a restricted leopard or an extended blanket.  I'm not great at telling the difference.  Could probably give you more information although they do require a subscription for some of their website.  


Hope that helps a bit.  I would love to see her after she sheds.  She looks like she will be a tank when grown.