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Clydesdale manes

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Clydesdale manes


i'm looking at buying a clydesdale(the owners have several) i'm used to clydesdales with pure black manes like your average bay. However I saw a few who had white throughout their mane and tail. I love genetics but can not for the life of me figure out what causes the change in the colour. 

I've looked at the Sabino gene and Pangare genes as suspects, but neither(as far as I can tell) cause the almost Peppered look. 

The horses range in age, so i don't believe it's them changing to greys. flaxen doesn't effect bays and Roaning doesn't effect the mane or tail. So i'm stumped in what gene can cause this change. 

when googling clydesdales there are more clydesdales out there with this gene. 

Thanks for the help