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what colour are these puppies



i just got a new litter from my two dogs, 6 females are born.

1 is black and white

1 is fawn sable with white 

and then there are 4 puppies at first i thought they were black and white, but then in daylight i saw that there was  a shimmer of brown over the black coat, it looks like seal, but i have never seen a seal cloured odg in real life, so im not sure.

does someone have experience with this colour in dogs? cause i cant find anything usefull, tehy do have black noses, one of the has a little bit of ticking on his white paws.


Daylene Alford Sun, 03/23/2014 - 13:56

The genetics of seal isn't really well understood and the color itself is not well defined.  For some seal is anything that isn't jet black (often these dogs are brownish black with a darker black stripe down their backs and would test dominant black) while for others seal is a single shade of dark brown.  This brown would be darker than regular brown (liver) with black skin.  

Here is a thread with a bit of discussion.  It's old but still valid.…