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Pitador (Pit/Lab Mix)

I'm filling out paperwork for my pup's upcoming surgery to have her spayed, but when I came upon the question 'what color is your pet?' I was told to be specific. I'm sorry, I'm no AKC expert and have no idea what to put other than 'white w/ beige and spots all over her legs and underbelly.' lol. Please help! 

This is my Sadie...

Daylene Alford Wed, 07/30/2014 - 10:21

White w/ beige  is a good description for veterinary  purposes.   More specifically she defiantly has a white pattern.   It may or may not be one of the testable patterns.  Given her upright ears, she has something else going on besides pit and lab as neither of those breeds have naturally upright ears.  

The belly spots may be the result of ticking or they may be an artifact of the white pattern.  I can't tell for sure as her coat is so light.  It's hard to tell, from the pics, where the white pattern stops and her naturally light coat begins.  If the spots are the result of ticking she will have colored spots with "beige" colored hairs inside her white pattern on the body and back as well as the belly.   She could be either E- ay with a red dilution making her lighter (this would be light fawn) or she could be ee (recessive red like yellow labs).  Given her extensive white pattern, it's impossible to know for sure without testing.  

She looks like  a very happy lovely girl.  Sorry I can't be more specific about her color.