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White German Shorthairs
This is Sandy. She's a white german shorthair pointer. Sandy's sire was liver/white with ticking and the dam was liver/roan.
As far as we can tell there are only 7 white GSPs. The only other female is Sandy's full sister. Two of the males are her brothers. So there are 3 that Sandy could be bred to.

The male GSP Sandy's owner wants to breed to had a solid liver sire and a solid black dam.

So what are the puppy options like?
What causes white in these dogs? Is it cream or... ?

Daylene Alford Wed, 03/14/2012 - 18:03

Although I can't be positive without some genetic or breeding tests, I think this dog would be ee at extension. In many breeds, ee dogs are very light such as white german shepherds. It is not known what makes the dogs so light vs a yellow or red coloration. At the present time it is being called the I locus (I for intensity) but all we know for certain is that the coloration is NOT caused by MATP (where the cream dilution is located in horses) or TYR (which causes albino and Siamese in cats). It does seem to be very closely linked to extension and affects only red pigment. If this dog is indeed ee then as you know breeding her to a dog that is homozygous for black at extension will exclude more white pups but the pups would be carriers.

Keep me posted please it will be very interesting to see what color pups they produce.

Hope this helps,