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Red in Bernese Mt Dogs

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Red in Bernese Mt Dogs

I'm not sure which forum to post this on.  From time to time, a red Bernese Mountain Dog will show up in a litter.  They used to be more common than they are today.  Here is a site with multiple pics of one:

In all of the historical pictures of red Bernese I have found they all have this coloring.  It is obviously recessive but would it be called a clear red or what sort of genes would this be?


I have normal, tricolor Berners and have always found the pictures of red Bernese beautiful.  




Daylene Alford
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This type of red is usually

This type of red is usually refered to as recessive red it is caused by having two copies of the e allele at extension.  It is to be distinguished from a very similar red that is caused by fawn or ay at agouti.  The ay red is sometimes called clear red because it is caused by the same gene as fawn yet can look quite different.


Does that help?