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Cream and white (GSD)

I've been reading on other dilutions in dogs and am referencing the below article.

The Genetics of Cream Coat Color in Dogs…

Apparently cream in dogs like labs and what is called white in GSD is recessive and only affects dogs that are ee. Now in GSD it is possible for two sable dogs to produce a white so those dogs will have some red pigment (the sables). Why therefore would a dilution affect only an ee dog and not the red pigment on a sable? Is a close linkage to e the only explanation?

Daylene Alford Mon, 05/09/2011 - 21:40

Reading back over the article (and realizing they only looked at cream dogs) and doing picture searches I realize that this may not only affect dogs that are ee. It seems that "black and silver" and "silver sable" may be black based versions of this. However, I can't seem to locate a solid red German Shepherd or Shiloh

This girl is the closest I've found.