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Since she may have a breeding in her future...

I know, I know... But come on, she really did throw a gorgeous baby last time, lol! Anyway, it's a long story with Mist, but the people she's with now love love love her, and said that if the vet declares her only suitable for light riding, then they will buy her because really that's all they need in a horse. Anyway, if they do buy her, there are 2 amazingly amazing stallions who she might be bred to... One is a friesian who does low level dressage (up to the point where its impossible for friesians to be competitive), and the other is a super nice grand prix jumper. (oh, and sara would love the friesian's owner! She shaves all his feathers off! He still has a long mane, but she keeps it manageable.) So, give me a critique of mist, but keep it pleasant.... I mean, I am trying to sell her, I guess I shouldn't be parading her faults, but I would like to know what you think.... here are a few recent photos, though none are great....

Jenks Thu, 04/09/2009 - 09:29

Not the best angle to take a pic. You want to squat down a little and be directly perpendicular to her in the center. She appears to be sickle hocked in that first picture, but your angle is from slightly front which could accentuate it.

Jenks Thu, 04/09/2009 - 19:14

Much better! She is not camped out nor sickle hocked in that picture! I never noticed the lay of her shoulder before. Because it is laid back, it has closed her shoulder angle a bit, but I don't think it's less - or much less than at least 90 degrees - which is the desired smallest angle in the preferred range. Her croup is a little peaky, but as ACC said, with work that will improve. Her LSJ is not lined up with the POH so her coupling could be better. I really never knew the mare was as nice as this pic shows honestly. Just wait until your friend has been working her. I think her loin may be a little long - hard to tell with her color and the shadows - wah right?