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Due to decreasing use over the years, I have decided to disable the forum functionality of the site.

Forums will still be available to view but new posts are no longer allowed.

OK new question

OK is there a feature that isnt uploaded to identify a edited post? After I jsut oppsed and did saras in an attempt to reply I think I might have dont it before!!!!! I would have recognised it if I had seen the result as "edited by *****" might be good to enable that feature...I think the reply button is in a new place then what Im use to , I will make a concious effort not to make that mistake again...

Heather Wed, 03/18/2009 - 12:20

POOP! I did do it before and just found the post I did it on and corrected it, I was thinking the oter day , I know I posted here ...oh well thought it got lost in the wild blue yonder... I know why my mouse sometimes drifts and edit and quote are right next to each other and my mouse must have drifted to edit instead of quote! sorry peoples...I wonderd why the post want quoted LOL duh!

Anyhow of there is a feature to mark a post edited it will show up who did the editing and might alert a mistake .

NZ Appaloosas Wed, 03/18/2009 - 17:41

Two more questions--do we want people to have the constant ability to edit, or do we want to just let them have enough time to correct things like typos, etc.? I know on some boards, people have like 5 or 10 minutes in which to make edits, or delete, their posts, but once that time is past, only admins/mods have the ability.


Daylene Alford Wed, 03/18/2009 - 19:11

I think people should be able to edit posts. I don't want to mess with that for now.


I know there is a moderators log in the moderators control panel you might check there....