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Would you like to know what color your horse is? Do you have questions about the color of your foal? You've come to the right place.

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Donkey Color Genetics

Donkey color genetics are not yet well understood, but are being researched more as breeding donkeys becomes more popular Also, with donkeys, "points" re

Dilutions In Horses: Cream, Dun, Champagne, Pearl and Silver

close up of the double dilute horse's head

Dilutions in horses "dilute" the base color of the horse making the horse appear lighter in color. Some, as with homozygous cream, can make the horse appear very nearly white. Some dilutions affect black pigment, other affect red and some affect both red and black pigment. A horse can carry and express more than one dilution and at times it can be difficult to distinguish different dilutions with similar expressions. The dilutions in horses are Cream, Dun, Champagne, Pearl and Silver