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The color term Seal

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Daylene Alford
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bowserpup,  Thank you for

bowserpup,  Thank you for posting your pup.  He does indeed have the very strange coloring in which, I and others, have been interested.   Would you be willing to test him for Dominant black and agouti?  

rabia,  Thank you!  I can't wait to see how she tests.  

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Hi, I thought this thread was

Hi, I thought this thread was interesting and I wanted to pop in and say that one researcher, Sheila Schmutz, has tested some seal dogs, and they did have one or two dominant black (K) genes.

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I keep looking, hoping to

I keep looking, hoping to find an answer. No luck. Everywhere I turn I see Seal colored dogs now lol. Just yesterday I was walking my friends Beagle, and a Seal Belgian Mal and her owner were walking with us. The coat is much more interesting to see in person than in photographs. You can see the color change of the coat so much better and the design it leaves, as well as look at the hairs (which are banded).

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questions on my dog

I was looking online to see wha kind of bread my dog is. They told us it was a black lab pit. It started off black but over a 3 year period it turned brownish but has the black stripe down the back. I'm glad I  came over this cause it explains alot. Is a seal dog rare. My dog right now is 3 and is a smart amazing dog. I wanna know more about it. Alot of people were saying it' hard to find pictures and I hhave this guy right in frontof me now. His name Iis Mason. What can you tell me about him.mason 

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Chita Pedrão
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Seal color...!

Hy dear friends,i have a dog with seal color and i want to know about this kind of color on the skin of some pitbull dog, if someone on this site has some exemples of dogs with this color but with online pedigree available...!!!please i will be greatfull for that if some give to me a liking with pedigree...!!!

i sorry for inglish...!!!


Thanks to add me on this web site...!!!

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Is a very interesting subject!!

Two of my dogs are seal. One, a male who has 8 years old, is a red nose, the parents are from gotty lines. Then the other is a female, who has 3 months, she's black seal.

I haven't any pictures here, I'm writting from my phone... then, from my PC I'll post some ones.

I googled about this color, beacause I saw many dogs like this... but I didn't found anything "solid" about genetic. I'm a young breeder, so I'd like to know everything!!

Thanks for this post! It started many years ago, but it still in the top google search!

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My black seal labradoodle.

Rosie is an f1b labradoodle babe.