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Smoky Black sire, Sooty Buckskin colt, Then how is the dam a chesnut?

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Smoky Black sire, Sooty Buckskin colt, Then how is the dam a chesnut?
For the longest time I couldn't figure out what color the foals my mare and stallion were producing. Now it is clear that the foals have inherited Sooty factor, they are not dun for lack of primitive markings, so my conclusion is that they are Sooty Buckskins. The sire is a Smoky Black as he has past on his cream gene to several offspring; eg. palominos with chestnuts, buckskins with bays. However, now my question is how could my foals be buckskins if their dam is a sorrel? Is she a sorrel? If not, what could she be, and if so, what color are my foals. The first picture of my mare and her latest foal, big sorrel? paint and sooty pinto foal. The second picture is of my mare in the winter, you can see she does have very light highlights under her belly, between her legs and than dark hairs mixed with red hairs in her tail and mane. The third picture is of their oldest offspring in his beautiful winter coat, when he sheds he looks the same as the foal in the first picture. Also an important point to notice all the foals mature to have dark mane and tail.
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I think the foal is Sooty

I think the foal is Sooty Bucksin too btw! It is simple, Black is dominant and the Black is coming form the sire. It "wipes out" the visual effect of the Sorrel, so you have a visually black based foal who has one Red gene...does that make sense?
There are a couple of other things the foal could be, but I like Occams Razor answers, so I would test the foal for Cream and Agouti as you know it has Black....

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As rabbit said, the foals are

As rabbit said, the foals are getting the cream and black from the sire and the agouti from the dam.

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