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My 3rd and final arrived all in a hurry this morning 12 days early

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My 3rd and final arrived all in a hurry this morning 12 days early
Well Shimmer who was supposed to be due before Slaney was not making much udder progress even though she was due July 1st at 330 days. She got the once over at breakfast time yesterday morning and there was nothing going on in her udder butt or vulva. So I started to think that maybe she snuck in another cover like she did last yr. Last yr she was in season for 10 days and then nothing for 6 wks but then for 2 days came in season and that was it. I know I hadnt noticed any activity but they can be sneaky so started to recalculate my dates. But then by evening she had 1/2 a bag so I tested her milk with the mother nature strips and it was at 85% so foaling range but I could see it was in the phase of changing to 95%. So had a flurry of activity to get the stable sorted and change my cam view and make sure the pager was working. Once all that was done I stayed up watching for a period of time but nothing going on only resting and eating. Shimmer only set off the pager once but she was just snoozing. I checked on the laptop a few times through the night but all I found was herself and Tilly (her filly from last yr) either snoozing or eating. My alarm went off just after 7 am this morning so automatically checked them on cam and guess what they were hoovering. So I was laid their listening to the radio thinking of getting up when the pager went off beside me - beep beep beep. Confused I looked to the screen and there was Shimmer down and pushing. So dressed in a hurry, flew out the door and got Tilly out and then back to help Shimmer (Tilly was a very tight fit last yr even thought she was only a bag of bones). The delivery and presentation was perfect and not as tight a squeeze as last yr. Out popped a gorgeous Bay Splash Filly - lopsided blaze and 3 socks - she has 2 white hooves and 1 striped hoof and 1 black hoof. She is just so purdy with dished head and tippy ears. Shimmer still had only 1/2 a bag and her teats werent filled so I milked her and actually she milked very easily and after that her teats filled. I got a big of milk into the filly to give her a boost and she was up and feeding shortly after that. I have a few pics I got today. (sorry for the long winded story :grin: ) Resting after a really good feed IMAGE( IMAGE( Confused by her blue bucket LOL IMAGE( Getting a taste of the outside world IMAGE( IMAGE( IMAGE( IMAGE( IMAGE( The siblings checking each other out IMAGE( IMAGE(
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Adorable! Congratulations on

Adorable! Congratulations on a very nice filly.