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Fading vs Non-fading Black

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Fading vs Non-fading Black
A friend of mine and I were having a discussion/debate regarding the term non-fading black. She feels the term is hoakey and really means nothing that all horses fade in the sun its just a matter of to what extent they fade. I agree to a point. How do you guys feel about the terms? Do you think having a distinction between the two is useless? Examples would be appreciated!
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Personally I think it is

Personally I think it is becoming an unnecessary distinction. The horse's diet and environment have a great influence on if an animal fades. And like people, trait expression varies. It's become like calling a horse sorrel versus chestnut to me.

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I agree 100%. While I have

I agree 100%. While I have no doubt there are some horses who fade more naturally, diet and climate have just as much an influence if not more.