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Hi everyone!

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Hi everyone!
Just stumbled across this forum and I'm thrilled to find it. I recognize some of you from another forum (I have a different username there). I have become extremely interested in learning all I can about equine genetics, it is fascinating to me! My interest really started when my filly Halo was born. She was believed to be a "dunalino" but tested negative for cream. But that led me into the world of color testing lol. I just recently sent in the sample to test her for Splash as well. I'm looking forward to learning a lot here! A couple pictures of the fuzzy beast so you know who I'm talking about. Halo is not my only horse, but all I have pictures of on here at the moment. IMAGE( IMAGE(
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Hello! Great to have new

Hello! Great to have new faces.


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:newbie We love new members here...and more horses to "mull" over and discuss (especially over pixs... :love )

Your halo looks surprisingly like a neighbor's red dun with flaxen gelding...he is very light in summer and looks almost like a palomino. Of course he isn't "tested" so the "dun" is based on his pedigree (dad was bay dun and dam red dun, so a good chance he's dun :wink: ).

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Welcome to the forum Yes,

Welcome to the forum :toast
Yes, we love horsey pics here!!

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