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Dominate White TB's In France

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Dominate White TB's In France
I have been talking to on Deviant Art. As I understand it her Uncle owns a colored TB racing farm in France. Their Stallion, Color Notch Up (barn name Chantilly) Website: Pedigree: He comes from the DW lines in the USA. There is also a half-sister called Painted Ballerina There is some confusion about this horse right now, and I'm asking the photographer to clairfy for me. Because the horse she has listed here, looks just like Painted Ballerina, but she said it's a cold and out of Speck My Road. She also told me Speck was a PS/Paint Horse, but she didn't know what PS was. *EDIT: Speck is Painted Ballerina. There is another horse she said is named SnowManGF but I can't find pedigree info on him. Said he's DW and Palomino
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Ah the Not Quite

Ah the Not Quite White/Airdrie Apache line. Now if only their mutation can get isolated!
Very pretty expressions of DW.