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Hello there from GB

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Hello there from GB
Hi all, I am really looking forward to picking all of your brains regarding my little pony Teddy. I have had him for a year now and originally got him as a companion for the horse I then had. Unfortunaltey that horse wasnt suitable for me in the long run (he became too much for me to handle and so went back to his previous owner) and so I now also have a 14.1 Haflinger called Sally who Teddy seems to love. Teddy came to me kind of like a bit of a rescue. He was going to be PTS as he had extremely bad laminitis over the christmas and had then spent the following 6 months shut in a stable. The lady that i got him from had got him from a man that used to hit him and he was about to be PTS then also (although supposedly by the man and not humanely!) so he really has had a bad time in the past. However with strict managemt, I have not had any problems with recurring laminitis and he gets turned out every day Sally and is a really happy lad. He will follow me around all the time and I think he would get in my pocket if he fitted :rofl . I have taught him how to drive and he has just taught a little girl how to do rising trot. So we are both very proud. TeddyIMAGE( Sally is my sweet heart that i have on loan from a very good friend of mine. I lost my confidence with my last horse and Sally is giving it back to me. I am now really enjoying riding again and have started to jump her (which i used to love and would regularly compete, but I totally lost all nerve for it). SallyIMAGE(
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Re: Hello there from GB

Welcome Sally, I am from Essex, we have a lot of UK people on the forum. Your ponies are both very sweet and sounds like Teddy ahs landed on his feet.

Welcome and please fell free to ask as many questions as you like.

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Re: Hello there from GB

Welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy. Love the driving pic. I am from Clare, Ireland.

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Re: Hello there from GB

Hi Sally , welcome to the forum , lucky Teddy to have found you!
Im also from GB but I now live in Ireland with my irish hubby

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Re: Hello there from GB

Welcome! Glad you made it!


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Re: Hello there from GB

Both are darling ponies, Welcome :flower

Carrot Mama
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Re: Hello there from GB

Welcome, Sally. Teddy is surely a little doll, and how fortunate he is to have found you! Loved the photos.

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Re: Hello there from GB

Welcome :newbie from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina! You have some lovely ponies. Isn't it wonderful to be able to bring one back from certain distruction :love . I have several "rescues", including my cremello stallion, Luna, and I must say it is quite satisfying to see them turn back into warm and loving companions after such demoralizing experiences.

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