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Albino ? ? ?

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Re: Albino ? ? ?

I confirmed with my husband that we've both noticed our new-to-us Meezer kitty w/ light blue eyes will sometimes look red to our naked-eye in natural light. It is just the way the light hits his eyes every once in a while.

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Re: Albino ? ? ?

The vet said basically what I tried to say. The iris is blue (as expected with a double dilute) and the reflective surface of the eye (tapetum) is non-pigmented so the appearance is only colored by blood vessels flowing in the back of the eye (hence the red). It is the same as humans getting the red eye in photos. Pupils are always clear...actually the pupil is really a nothing; it is the opening of the iris that allows light to the lens and back of the eye. If the pupil wasn't 'clear' than no one could see.