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Hi ! I didn't introduce myself yet so... :bounce As I said, I'm Nathalie and I live in Switzerland (little country with lot of chocolate, watches and Bank, lol) I speak french so my english could be very poor, sorry ! - Je parle beaucoup mieux français mais je ne pense pas que beaucoup me comprendraient ;) - I'm 27 years old (my god). I work for the Swiss Railway in Financial and Marketing dpt. My passion is Horses and Reining ! I own a 6 years old (in 1 month ;)) Quarter Horse Stallion called "Yellow". He's Palomino and you can see pictures in "What colour is my horse". He already have a stud colt foal and i'm waiting for a second foal in approx 1 month. I try to make reining with him (try because actually I train him alone and I don't have any reining ground in my stable so... not easy) I do my best !!! :HB I also have a black rabbit called "Merlin" and two dogs (that live by my mother) a Labrador and a Cocker Spaniel :love And I think I told you everything ! :toast
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Welcome, Nathalie! Your English is very good -- much better than my French! We tried to have a whole thread in French once but we had to abandon it pretty quickly. :P I think we only had one fluent speaker so it was like a thread of four-year-olds. :lol:

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Hello Nathalie :flower
Welcome and love your boy!
You have done a great job with his training if no support, he looks to be a talented fellow and his little son is beautiful! :D

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Welcome Nathalie,

You already know that we love your stallion and foal, please enjoy the forum and don't be afraid to ask lots of questions.

Your English is very good. :flower

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Welcome! And I don't speak any French at all....I had to take it in elementary school, but that's it, and even then we did things like call the teacher "Mrs. Madame Long" haha!
(I guess we took French because we're Louisiana, because I just found out my mom took German when she was in elementary school in Virginia)


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