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Partbred fox???

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Partbred fox???

OK... This is taken from my dad's trail cam the other night. The date on the camera is wrong.

My German Shorthair has a friend, a fox friend. He'd go down to the pond every day just about and they'd play chase. Well... When we first had Brooks, he wasn't fixed.

It looks like he might have bred with a fox, doesn't it? Those back legs look an awful lot like his.

I know this isn't supposed to be able to happen, chromosomally... But heck, if a mule can have a baby, who knows what other flukes might happen...

I wondered if maybe he just got his fur ripped off in the back, but I would think foxes would have black skin...

Or maybe it's a fox with splash white, haha!!

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Wow now that is different and

Wow now that is different and interesting, hmmmm looks like a fox with really long legs and your right Splash white!