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clarification on silver

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Hey What The
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Re: clarification on silver

Bubbles does have a nice shine to her coat but it is really hard to get a good pic of it. Both Bubbles and Squeaks coats also are ALOT softer and silkier than any of my other horses. When I first bought them I thought they may have been Champagne as Bubbles in particular also has mottled skin but the test came back neg for Champagne. Either way, both are lovely natured horses, not a mean bone in them. I'm just glad they didn't end up at the doggers which is where they were both headed :(

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Re: clarification on silver

Oh cool. I know exactly how that goes. I've met horses who GLIMMER in person but it never shows on cam for some reason. :sad

They are a lucky pair truly living their happily ever after.