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Cavallo simple boots

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Cavallo simple boots
I just wanted to thank Morgan for recommending the Cavallo simple boots. I don't have the original horse she recommended them for anymore but I decided to try them anyway for Annie because she has really good feet and I don't need shoes for her most of the time. I ordered the boots and just use them for riding where it is more rocky and take them off and tie them to my saddle if it's just a dirt trail. If you saw my trail video, she was barefoot. Anyway I really love them they stay on well even at a gallop. They fit really well also and seem to be comfortable for Annie and they never cause any rubbing. They are about $120 a pair but when you think of the cost for a shoeing compared to just trimming and shoes only last you 6-8 weeks they are very economical. I have had mine since May or June and they have lots of rides left in them. So if anyone is thinking of a boot, they're great.
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Re: Cavallo simple boots

I use Old macs which are very similar and they are brilliant - don't want to go back to shoes now.