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Arrival of ponies

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Arrival of ponies
The 3 ponies got here today.... they are in horrible condition, they look a lot worse now, then they do in the previous pictures I posted, my 31 year old mare looks better then they do! The one mare, poor Lilly who is in the worst shape, got banged up pretty good from them fighting her onto the trailer, she has some blood in her eye, so I'm keeping a watch on that. Those poor horses, when they saw grass, she was literally starving them to death I think, sad thing is she still has 2 left at her house that I don't think she'd let go because they are her riding horses, they need to be rescued as well, an older QH mare and a big draft cross gelding. I can honestly say some people disgust me with the way they treat their animals!
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Re: Arrival of ponies

That is so sad - those poor horses but at least they have some hope now with you and we wont recognise them in a few months no doubt.

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Re: Arrival of ponies

You are doing a wonderful thing, saving those poor babies. :love They will love you more for it than if you'd raised them from birth (just like a rescued pound puppy)....

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