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Appy lightening or what?

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Appy lightening or what?
I came across this horse looking for unusual patterns on a big horse advert site (UK). The horse looks to have appy genes but just looks an odd colour. I know appy can lighten colours and do odd things, would it do this? The eyes look light too. It is being sold as a bay, no breed listed, just a generic horse. I thought maybe liver but the colour isn't lighter round the pasterns. Maybe silver and appy? IMAGE( IMAGE( IMAGE(
Daylene Alford
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Looks silver black to me but

Looks silver black to me but I wouldn't bet on it knowing what appy can do to base colors lol.

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I could easily see silver

I could easily see silver black varnish or just a black varnish app.

IMAGE( Thank you Krickette!! IMAGE(
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Well we have underlying

Well we have underlying Splash but I see Smoky Black Varnish, no Silver, on top of that. Depending on breed it is unlikely to be Silver in a BH in the UK

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Looks like they have possible

Looks like they have possible LP color shift to me.