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APHA Lookup....

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APHA Lookup....
Hey everyone. I need a huuuuge favor. My friend has a cremello colt who is APHA registered (she isn't a member right now so can't get on member services). Only reason he has APHA papers is because his dam was a cremello and at the time, they weren't taking cremellos supposedly. Now, the lady who owned his dam said she ended up being double registered AQHA and APHA. This is his pedigree: I looked up the dam's sire to see if he had any foals born matching her in the AQHA. He has one foal named Streaks Diamond Lady who matches her perfectly (same dam, same "color"- on APHA, her papers say she is palomino). IMAGE( Only thing that doesn't match up is that her year of birth is different. Allbreed says she is 1995 and the QH mare says 1992. I somehow recall hearing her birthdate on Allbreed was wrong. Does anyone have an APHA account they could look her up on and see if she was in fact foaled in 1992 or 1995? We really want to get Mudd (the colt) registered AQHA as well as APHA since he is solid. But we need to make sure this is the correct dam.... Thanks everyone!!
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Sorry, I wish I would've

Sorry, I wish I would've gotten on here earlier.

I looked up the colt and the mare's year of birth says 1995. Colt's is 2009. Hope I'm not too late in helping. :)