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Another Pattern Question.

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Another Pattern Question.
OK, I did have this lovely filly, who sadly broke her leg before I could breed a foal from her. Now I know she is chestnut, both parents were & dam was a loudly marked frame. I am fairly sure she was splash, frame & sabino. What does everyone else think???? Given that splash can do similar things to frame, how do we know which is which in a horse like this????? Here are some pics of Penny. IMAGE( IMAGE( IMAGE( IMAGE(
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Re: Another Pattern Question.

She's definitely frame, sabino and most likely splash. So sad about her loss. :cry:


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Re: Another Pattern Question.

My eye sees frame and splash for sure and you may as well throw the ubiquitous sabino in there too. I remember this mare from the old forum -- I'm so sorry you lost her.

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Re: Another Pattern Question.

so sorry about your loss, shes beautiful!

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Re: Another Pattern Question.

Yes, Splash and Frame and then as said, in all probability, Sabino.
Real waste, losing her, nice mare.

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