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Another flipping Appy......

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Another flipping Appy......
OK, I think Carlos is just doing this to annoy me...... Minnow was born black as black. Her dam is black dun Roan, with an Appy sire, no expression of Appy in the mare whatsoever- similarly to my Silver Black mare who had the Appy filly by Carlos (who is Silver Bay and White, no Appy)the mare is that case had a Silver Black sire who was by a Leopard. The Roan in the black dun mare (do you use capitals or not for this- I never do know and I just seem to shove them in when I feel like it!!)is form her dam and is true Roan, not Appy roan. Minnow- the foal born black, is now a Varnish- all over head as well, this is not Roan! Also has pronounced sclera, and when she stops trying to kick me because I clipped her, I will look to see if she has any mottling!!!! So, someone who understands the inheritance of Appy please explain what is happening her, I think I get it, both mares have Appy in the near past, the stallion may have, I still have not managed to check but he is getting pronounced roaning on his rump that looks ominously like a blanket and that I have thought was sabino. He has also thrown a pintaloosa- again from a mare that has an Appy sire, and this same mares two year old filly is now roaning on her head- both these fillies look as if they are going grey- no grey, none , honest. It looks like I am breeding Appies- but, as far as I am concerned, very poorly marked ones. UGH.
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At this point I'd say wait

At this point I'd say wait till the LP test comes out and then start pulling hair samples. lol. I might be willing to bet money on Carlos as the culprit for LP.

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I want to see pictures of the

I want to see pictures of the little darlings :rofl

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Wow! Minnow was solid solid,

Wow! Minnow was solid solid, that's so weird to me for her to jump on to varnish, haha. I don't understand appy. I'd love to see pictures, but when it comes to apps I think you're more likely to get answers from a rock than me, lol.


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Remember, black acts as a

Remember, black acts as a suppressor on Lp expression, and then there are late bloomers. Need current photos to make further comments.