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Ok - What is NOT Calico Tobi then??

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Ok - What is NOT Calico Tobi then??
I know that is a random title lol but I found the thread on Calico very interesting reading and am curious about a gelding that a friend of mine has. He is a solid red chestnut BUT at the top of one leg he has a patch about 2 - 3inches diameter that is palomino. No other colour anywhere on him, so is he secretly a palomino or what?? Mum is a black/brown TB and dad is a dilute Paint (not sure if bucky or pally though). Just curious how it could be explained.
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Re: Ok - What is NOT Calico Tobi then??

Maybe he's a chimera!

Although, I've heard something about "gold spots." I think. Anyone else remember?

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Re: Ok - What is NOT Calico Tobi then??

Doesn't sound like a calico but possible somatic mutation or possibly a patch of roaning. I heard about the gold spots. I know some of them were more easily explained on black and bay based horses as somatic mutation of the E allele allowing chestnut to show through. Doesn't explain this for a horse who already is chestnut though. :?

Are there any pics? ^_^

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Re: Ok - What is NOT Calico Tobi then??

Well the chestnut appaloosa's I worked with would have gold spots as well as chestnut. I think I may have seen chestnut horses before that would have a gold spot here or there, like a bendor spot but light, but I honestly don't remember clearly enough because I never thought to examine it before.

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Re: Ok - What is NOT Calico Tobi then??

Gold spot. No clue what causes them but doubt it's chimerism or related to calicos.